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Name:  Dunbar Senior High School
Location: Washington, DC
slides 1 and 2

Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the Mechanical and Plumbing subcontractor for this new 276,000 square foot high school. This state of the art facility will be LEED platinum certified, with sustainable components such as photovoltaic panels, geothermal wells, rain water cisterns, day lighting, and high efficiency fixtures. The new Dunbar Senior High School a four story academic wing (A-wing) consisting mainly of classrooms, as well as a two story wing (C-wing) including a gymnasium, swimming pool with changing rooms, lockers and showers, media center, library, cafeteria and kitchen. Enclosed staff parking is provided at basement level. A separate field support building (Area D) with bleachers, restrooms, team rooms and concessions to be located west of school building.

Name:  United States Postal Service – Bolger HVAC Upgrade
Location: Potomac, Maryland
slides 3 – 5

Description: Limbach was the design build prime contractor completing a turnkey mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scope, as well as, general contracting upgrades to the glazing and architectural finishes. Mechanical scope of work included replacing existing Air Handling Units with new high efficiency AHU’s, replacing existing Roof Top Units(RTU’s) with new high efficiency RTU’s, retrofitting existing VAV boxes in the Banquet Hall ceiling, replacing existing roof top cooling tower with a new high efficiency induced draft stainless steel cooling tower, providing a new high efficiency chiller and pumps, structural steel supports, ductwork modifications, air and water balancing, piping modifications, power circulating for new mechanical equipment, and new digital HVAC controls. Temporary HVAC system solutions were developed and implemented to complete the renovation as transparently as possible to the visitors and day-to-day users of the Bolger Center.

Name:  United States Postal Service – Bolger Boiler Upgrade
Location: Potomac, Maryland
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Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the Design Build Prime Contractor for this Boiler Replacement project. Limbach self performed the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scope of work including, replacement of the three steam boilers serving the Osgood Building and Hotel Buildings with four (4) gas fire condensing type hot water boilers. New concrete pads, and associated primary hot water piping, pumps and valves, gas piping, make-up water piping, expansion tanks, air separator and other appurtenances associated with the heating plant were provided.

Name:  United States Postal Service – Merrifield Processing and Distribution Center Upgrade
Location: Merrifield, Virginia
slides 8 – 10

Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the design build mechanical and plumbing engineer of record for this HVAC Replacement Project. Scope of work included, replacing existing HVAC equipment with 30 Air Handling Units, 4 Rooftop Units, 68 Variable Volume Terminal Units, and various other unitary equipment. The Chilled Water Plant, Hot Water Plant, Cooling Tower fans, and AHU fans were provided with variable speed control for increased energy efficiency. The existing pneumatic HVAC control systems were completely overhauled with new DDC controls.The Scope also included duct cleaning of all existing air systems. Due to the sensitive nature of the facility all work was carefully coordinated and performed in a fully functioning facility while minimizing disruption of the facilities operations.

Name:  Potomac Town Center
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
slides 11 and 12

Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the mechanical and plumbing subcontractor for this six building core and shell plumbing rough-in (for future tenant) space. Total building square footage of approximately 200,000 SF. Limbach installed new sanitary, storm, domestic water, and gas lines. New exhaust ductwork and temporary electric unit heaters were also installed.

Name:  Equipment Maintenance & Operations Center (EMOC)
Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland
slides 13 and 14

Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the mechanical and plumbing contractor for this LEED Gold transportation project. EMOC consisted of 13 buildings of various types including administrative buildings, bus garages, bus wash facility, and service bays.

Name:  West Falls Church Yard
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
slides 15 – 17

Description: Limbach Co., LLC was the Mechanical and Plumbing Subcontractor for this Annex Building Shop which is part of the Rail to Dulles extension of the DC Metro Subway system. The yard at West Falls Church was upgraded to include a new 31,000 square foot service and inspection shop. This shop included train car lifts and shop facilities with piped air, oil and other shop service distribution systems as well as waste oil and industrial waste collection and treatment systems. The Annex Building also contains office space and a high voltage traction power switchgear room.