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Building Name: National Cancer Institute
Location: Rockville, MD
Building Size: 600,000 sq. ft.

The complex consists of two 8-story office towers connected at the lower levels which include a chilled water plant, cafeteria, data centers, main entrance and lobby. A separate 5-story parking garage is included on the campus.

W.E. Bowers Contributions as the Mechanical Contractor:

The mechanical system includes a central chilled water system with four 750 ton centrifugal chillers and associate equipment. The chilled water system serves the air handling units on each level, fan coil units in the LAN Closets throughout the building and two major data centers with (54) in-row coolers. Two 10,000 gallon underground chilled water storage tanks provide back-up cooling to the data center during the transition to emergency operation.

LEED/Green/Energy Star Building: LEEDS Gold Project