Member Benefits

The benefits of belonging to the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington are many. Please read on to find out how you and your company will benefit through membership in MCAMW.

Education and Training

At the monthly MCA membership meeting, you’ll hear outstanding speakers on important issues facing our industry. The quarterly Service Bureau meetings feature topics relating to the service industry with round table discussions for owners, sales and operations. MCA sponsors ongoing seminars for Supervisors, Project Managers, etc throughout the year.

Labor Relations

Not just during contract negotiations, but on a daily basis, the Association is actively engaged in maintaining a productive working relationship with the unions in our industry.

Government Relations

The Association speaks for the unionized mechanical industry at the local, state and national level with regard to both legislation and administrative policies.

Sales and Marketing

Many developers and owners rely on the Association when they seek qualified contractors to bid their jobs.

Student Chapters

MCAMW has established two successful student chapters one at Virginia Tech and one at the University of Maryland. We also work with many other schools and colleges to recruit people into our industry.

National Affiliation

We have a superb relationship with the MCA of America, and work with them to accomplish goals too costly for our local association.


MCAMW is utilized in many capacities to solve urgent problems that come before the industry.

Local Recognition

The Association is recognized by many governmental bodies and organizations as the policy leader for our industry. We assist our members to be nominated and elected to various local, state and national boards.

Joint Trust Funds

Our members are management representatives on every joint trust fund with the unions.

All mechanical contracting companies in the Metropolitan Washington area are invited to become members of the MCAMW and enjoy these and other benefits. For further information, please contact us about the benefits of membership in MCA of Metropolitan Washington by clicking here.