Student Lounge

MCAMW Student Chapter Opportunities

Committee Members:

  • Virginia Tech Chairman, Todd Atherton, Southland Industries
    • University of Maryland Chairman, Kevin Nichols, Kirlin Mid Atlantic
    • Sarah Heitkemper, Boland
    • Matt Corrigan, Limbach Company, LLC
    • Jerit Siedor, Pritchett Controls
    • Pat Ward, Limbach Company, LLC
    • In 2000, MCA of Metro Washington established its first Student Chapter at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Association’s committee members worked diligently with the professors and students of the Building & Construction Department and Consortium to establish a relationship with this college and was awarded the student chapter charter for VA Tech at the MCAA Convention in 2000.

      In the fall of 2006, the Association began the process of building a relationship with the University of Maryland and it paid off. At the MCAA’s 2007 Annual Convention in Orlando, the MCA of Metro Washington was awarded the student chapter charter for the University of Maryland. Three of the University’s student chapter officers traveled to this convention to accept the charter, along with President Hahr, during the Awards of Excellence Breakfast.

      With the establishment of two student chapters, the Association is busy guiding these young people into a successful career path with the mechanical contracting industry by inviting them to all the Association outside activities to network with the membership. However, the MCAMW is not only committed to a long-term relationship with the Univ. of Maryland and Virginia Tech, but also continues to aggressively build alliances with Catholic University which is located in Washington DC.

      Career Fairs:

      Student Chapter Committee members and MCAMW staff attend 2 to 4 Career Fairs each spring and fall at the above mentioned colleges. These fairs have provided the MCAMW membership with resumes of students who have been through the “screening process” and are interested in a career in our industry.

      Student Chapter Field Trip:

      In the past, students from the chapters of Virginia Tech and University of Maryland (sometimes with their faculty advisor) are able to visit the job sites of MCAMW Contractors that are in town. This way, the students of these chapters are able to see first hand how mechanical contractors work.

      The VA Tech & UMD student chapter students are welcome to attend all of the Association’s activities throughout the year and are encouraged to seek positions with our members. The students have access to MCAMW’s Membership Directories; monthly mailings, seminars hosted by the Association, and are offered opportunities to discuss with any contractor members the prospect of a career in the mechanical construction industry.